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The perfect surprise proposal

by Jake + Genessa, Wedding + Elopement Photographers

Sept 5, 2019

How to plan the perfect surprise Proposal
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You know she’s the one…

You love everything about her. You know that you wanna spend the rest of your life with her. You know she feels the same.

While the next steps are BEYOND exciting— it’s time to think about how the heck you’re going to blow her away and pop the question. You want it to be romantic, special, and meaningful, but don’t have any solid ideas yet? Here’s some things to take into consideration as you start your planning!

  1. it’s the little things

The most romantic things often aren’t the expensive things. You don’t have to be rich to be romantic— you just have to know the little things that are the most important to her. Keep in mind the little things that have meaning that you can incorporate into a date, like:

  • First date/kiss location or the place you met.

  • Favourite songs you have together.

  • Places she (or both of you) has always wanted to visit.

  • Her favourite food/favourite restaurant.

  • The date of you anniversary (a lot of people propose of their anniversary, and you can disguise the surprise as an anniversary date!)

You want to turn the date into something unforgettable for the both of you. But unforgettable doesn’t always mean expensive. She will most-likely care more about particular things that you’ve shared together in your relationship, rather than something extravagant yet cliche and non-specific.

2. The element of surprise

Okay, so the goal is to surprise her. That means you have to play it cool through the planning process, and on the actual day you’re planning to pop the question. In order for her not to get suspicious, basically DON’T:

  • Ask her directly what her ring size is (ask a friend or family member).

  • Make it obvious by making a big deal about the date (if you make it seem like any other date, she probably won’t suspect anything).

Instead, DO:

  • Get people working together to keep your secret (get family and friends in on the whole thing).

  • Ask family and close friends what they think will surprise her— it’s good to get all the help you can!

If you’re planning to travel somewhere, you might have to ask her when she can get some time off work, but you could be able to pull it off by just saying “it would be cool to travel together”.

This is really up to you how you decide to surprise her. You could pick her up and tell her that you’re going to the store, but then make a pit stop at your guys’ fav restaurant and have everything set up beforehand. And most of the time, it’s a half-surprise, half i-thought-it-was-gunna-happen-soon kinda deal anyway. Either way, you’re going to get her a little surprised.

3. SEt up for success

Anything you can do to add a little bit of flair to the set up will go a long way. Even if it’s not much, she’ll notice you put effort into it, 100%. Some thoughtful things you can do to spice up the date a little bit are:

  • Her favourite flowers (girls love flowers— find out her fav if you don’t already know it).

  • String lights (makes everything look 10000x better).

  • A hand-written note full of inside jokes, memories, and maybe a printed photo of you both (embrace it, man).

These aren’t mandatory and all, of course, really depends on your girl— maybe she hates flowers? But you’ll probably know that. If you know what she loves, it’s not that hard to make it special for her. If she’s more into something laid back and chill, set it up that way. Set up a movie night or a walk along the beach ending in something sweet. If you think she will absolutely love a public proposal where you do go all out, I encourage you to GO FOR IT!

4. Photos

I’ve photographed surprise proposals, and can I just tell you that you need to hire a photographer? Okay, you don’t have to, but getting photos of the genuine surprise on her face when she sees you kneel and ask her will be one of the best investments you can make. If you’ve never had professional photos taken of you guys, this is the perfect time to set that up. You won’t regret it.

Here’s how you can incorporate a photographer into the surprise:

  • Tell her you have a photoshoot planned for that day! Even that in itself is super exciting. Make sure you tell the photographer beforehand that during the photoshoot you’re planning to propose, and chances are they’ll even help with finding an amazing location and be 100% on board!

  • Tell the photographer where and when you’re planning to propose— and have them wait for the exact moment to start taking photos! I did this once for a couple and it couldn’t have went more smoothly.

  • Soon after you propose, have a photoshoot lined up and take engagement photos. You can even have the photoshoot where you proposed, and recreate it.


Thank You

For reading this! We truly hope it’s been helpful for you as you plan your proposal. We’re so happy you stopped by! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.