Why you Absolutely Must

Take trash the Dress Photos

Trash the Dress sessions are becoming more and more popular.

What’s the big deal? Well, I’m going to tell you.

  1. There’s No Schedule.

With trash the dress sessions you don’t have to worry about a schedule and the busyness of your wedding day— you can relax and enjoy every moment. Trash the dresses are usually the day after your wedding day, making it way less stressful, AND gives you the flexibility to go anywhere and do anything you want. You have space to go to even multiple locations if you want to; the options really are endless.

Roxi + Cornel_ Album17.jpg

2. YOu Choose.

The location. What you’re doing. Pretty much everything. As photographers, we usually give some tips on where to be at what time for sunsets and stuff like that, but you guys honestly have the say with whatever you want to do. Also, you don’t have to. actually trash your dress. Some brides that I’ve talked to get really nervous about trashing their dress. And I don’t really blame you. It’s still possible to find a sweet location to do your trash the dress without destroying you dress, and STILL get awesome photos. You don’t have to go swimming for your trash the dress. You might not even get it that dirty!

On the other hand, you might be more like us— Jake and I are always down to get adventurous and not afraid to get dirty. If you decide “yeah man, we’re all in!” we 100% will be with you the entire way, and maybe having as much fun as kids jumping in puddles the entire time.

Emi + Magda_ Album19.jpg

3. You get bomb photos.

You obviously don’t have time on your wedding day to go hike a mountain or drive 3 hours to get to that perfect place for photos. (If you do, please tell me where and when so I can come lol!) Okay but realistically, usually weddings are a fully scheduled day. Trash the dress sessions give you (+ your photographer) the opportunity to take those photos you’ve always dreamed of, that maybe your wedding venue can’t offer. If you keep scrolling you’ll get more of an idea of what your trash the dress photos could look like!

Every couple is different and we believe that everyone’s love deserves to be expressed in a way that is authentic to them— that’s why we do what we do!

Roxi + Cornel_ Album19.jpg
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